Worlds Dumbest Crook

This clip shows probably the worlds dumbest crook without a doubt, although we will search for an even dumber!

As the story goes the owner of a pub in Ireland thought a drunk or homeless man was sleeping by his car, watch this video and you will see for your self.

Funny Games To Play With Your Mates

This is the time of year to play games with family and friends. Check out some of these games to enjoy with a drink or 2!

Goliath IG40640 Who’s The Dude? The Hilarious Double Act Charade Game

The hilarious double act charades game!
Pick a card and start acting out the charades with the help of the life sized blow up Dude!
Charades include 'Doing the Conga!' 'taking part in a wheelbarrow race!' and acting out some iconic movie moments.

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Price: £24.99 £20.83

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Hasbro Gaming Egged on Game

Press your luck with the Egged On game
Spin the spinner, pick an egg -- don't get wet
Easy to play and hilarious

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Price: £18.99 £6.00

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The Most Beautiful Fart

Okay this is how we see it. Extremely childish yet very well done and funny. We here at take our hats off to the artistic noise that was created from the rear. The masterful way it has been joined to the instruments is spot on. Enjoy!

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Christmas Joy

Christmas is just around the corner! Here at think now is the ideal time to stock up on offensive gifts and cards for your loved ones. Although this time time of year is normally not associated with offending people we believe that it is a perfect opportunity.

Take a look at the new festive page here


A funny compilation of videos about children receiving prank gifts for Christmas……

How Offensive can you get?

Everyone knows how to offend someone, however when doing it in a funny manner is a very good way to create a laugh among friends. Whether you are doing mum jokes to your mates or just taking the p*ss out of them it is something that we have all done in our life time.

We have carefully selected the most offensive items on Everymans Gift for you. This list might change or be updated as time goes by due to more offensive stuff being released.

Offensive Door Mat

We have chosen this doormat because it throws something at you as soon as you arrive at someones house. Imagine if you don’t know them…… your first thought would be…..WTF!!!

However if they are your friend and you know them well enough it is probably expected that they would have this(if they are not posh)

Bubble Gum Fuck Off Doormat Door mat Schuhabputzer, Black, One

Doormat Size: 60 x 40 cm
Scare off unwanted guests
PVC material

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Have you Seen Mike Hunt

If you know you know! Not much more we can say about this!!!!!



The Small Penis Bible

We have added this because while you might not know your friend has a small penis, buying this for them and putting it on the shelf without them knowing and subtly pointing it out to people at a party they are having is sure to get a laugh. Of course if you are aware (we do not wish to know how) then it is also a funny gift! Or is it cruel?? No lets go with funny!!


Jedi Bath Robe

Ever wanted to be a Jedi??? Now you can parade around the house in this Jedi Bath Robe and feel like you have all the abilities that a Jedi Knight poseses! If you are one of those that likes to relax in your bath robe all day then answering the door to the postman in this will have him or her looking at you with respect and appreciation that they have just delivered to the house of a Jedi Knight!



Star Wars – Jedi Hooded Bathrobe

Star Wars Jedi Adult Fleece Bathrobe.
Hooded Robe With Embroidered Jedi Symbol.
Luxury Soft Material.

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Price: £29.77

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Child Trying To Prank His Dad

All of us here at Everymans Gift are 100% against child cruelty however this video of a child trying to prank his dad accompanied by this dude laughing have had us over barrels more than once and we feel it is only necessary that we share it here in the hope that it gets a similar response from you and maybe brightens up your day. We can assure you that the child is this video is still alive!

Bruh!!!!! I been laughing at this video for a good 45 minutes!!! 🗣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂. I'm over here crying & I caught a cramp in my stomach!! Bwahahah!! VIDEO BY 👉🏾 That Happy FamilyHit that "Like" button. I just did 👍🏾

Gepostet von Spice Adams am Dienstag, 16. Mai 2017

Assembled ZTR 250cc Roadster 4V Trike 4-Speed

Do you happen to be fortunate enough to have a spare £6,500 kicking about? If the answer to that question is yes then take a look at this Assembled ZTR 250cc Roadster 4V Trike 4-Speed with reverse gear. it comes in dark grey with orange stripes or yellow with blue stripes and will make you feel like a child all over again! take a look!!4



Moustache Guard Mug

So, you wake up early in the morning with your moustache all over the place where you have face planted the pillow for the last 8 hours, the first thing you need after wiping the dribble from the side of chin and taking ones self off to the bathroom to relieve the bladder is a cup of your favourite coffee. Now normally you would sip it from your chosen mug and end up with coffee sticking to the hairy lip and possibly picking thick face hair out before taking your next hit of wake up juice. Well moustache lovers all these problems are solved (except dribble on your face) this moustache guard mug will prevent the top lip fluff from ever entering the mug so you can continue your daily routine knowing that your coffee is hair free and your top lip remains coffee less!!



Homtime c2

With a large display, gesture control, 2 USB chargers and a shaker pad to go under your pillow, is this the future of waking us up??

Homtime c2

This alarm clock with 2 USB sockets on it means you can charge your phone(s) while you sleep. No more bringing your separate charger and having to plug it in near your bed.

Why not make use of the shaker pad to gently wake you up instead of a startling beep or buzz that comes with most alarm clocks.

Switch the alarm off using gesture control, simply move your hand over the top of the clock to silence it.

Everymans verdict: This is defiantly something that somebody would benefit from owning. From using a kindle whilst charging it sat in bed to the vibrating wake up call, a perfect gift for any man.

Check it out at Kickstarter

Homtime logo

Seriously drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly…… have you ever been this drunk that you need to go into a shop for more beer???

This guy is absolutely mullered!. Mullered is a term used to describe somebody that is absolutely wasted for those that are unsure.

Enjoy watching this full length video as the drunk mans struggles to continue his session even though he can hardly walk! Classic video of somebody totally off their nut!!.