Homtime c2

With a large display, gesture control, 2 USB chargers and a shaker pad to go under your pillow, is this the future of waking us up??

Homtime c2

This alarm clock with 2 USB sockets on it means you can charge your phone(s) while you sleep. No more bringing your separate charger and having to plug it in near your bed.

Why not make use of the shaker pad to gently wake you up instead of a startling beep or buzz that comes with most alarm clocks.

Switch the alarm off using gesture control, simply move your hand over the top of the clock to silence it.

Everymans verdict: This is defiantly something that somebody would benefit from owning. From using a kindle whilst charging it sat in bed to the vibrating wake up call, a perfect gift for any man.

Check it out at Kickstarter

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