How Offensive can you get?

Everyone knows how to offend someone, however when doing it in a funny manner is a very good way to create a laugh among friends. Whether you are doing mum jokes to your mates or just taking the p*ss out of them it is something that we have all done in our life time.

We have carefully selected the most offensive items on Everymans Gift for you. This list might change or be updated as time goes by due to more offensive stuff being released.

Offensive Door Mat

We have chosen this doormat because it throws something at you as soon as you arrive at someones house. Imagine if you don’t know them…… your first thought would be…..WTF!!!

However if they are your friend and you know them well enough it is probably expected that they would have this(if they are not posh)

Bubble Gum Fuck Off Doormat Door mat Schuhabputzer, Black, One

Doormat Size: 60 x 40 cm
Scare off unwanted guests
PVC material

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Have you Seen Mike Hunt

If you know you know! Not much more we can say about this!!!!!



The Small Penis Bible

We have added this because while you might not know your friend has a small penis, buying this for them and putting it on the shelf without them knowing and subtly pointing it out to people at a party they are having is sure to get a laugh. Of course if you are aware (we do not wish to know how) then it is also a funny gift! Or is it cruel?? No lets go with funny!!


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